SiteExecutive Video Library Privacy Policy

This policy describes how data is collected, stored, and shared when the YouTube provider is configured within the Video Library application.

Google Privacy Policy

The YouTube provider interacts with the YouTube API and is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy located at By using the YouTube provider within the Video Library application, you agree to be bound by all terms and policies governing access to the YouTube API.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

The SiteExecutive Video Library collects and stores the YouTube Developer access key when configured on the YouTube authentication screen within the Video Library application. The access key is shared with the YouTube API to authenticate and provide access to YouTube channels, playlists, videos, and video metadata.

API Data

The YouTube provider leverages the YouTube API to access data necessary to generate video embed codes and populate the SiteExecutive Video Library with video metadata and thumbnail images. This data is stored according to the refresh interval configured within the YouTube provider and is limited to the fields identified in the following table:

Video FieldDescription
TitleYouTube title of the Video
DescriptionYouTube description of the video
DurationMillisYouTube duration of the video
Thumb URL
YouTube url to the thumbnail image for a specific video
Published DateYouTube video publish date
Video IDYouTube video id
Channel IDYouTube channel id of a specific video

This data is never shared with 3rd parties.

More Information

For more information about how the YouTube provider interacts with the YouTube API, please contact SiteExecutive support at