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SAI Acadia team harvesting cabbage at First Fruit Farms

These are the organizations we’ve worked with recently and why they deserve your support

These are the organizations we’ve worked with recently and why they deserve your support

Hunt Valley, MD – 01/03/2023 – In 2022, SAI team members donated time and resources to several local organizations that help our community.

“Last year, SAI team members and their families provided support to a wide range of organizations that support communities in and around Baltimore. We’re sharing information about the groups we’ve worked with, and hope you might consider supporting them as well,” said Ric Hughes, CEO of SAI.

Hereford Food Bank serves 10 Zip Codes in northern Baltimore County. It is an all-volunteer operation and 100% of donations of both food and funds go toward fulfilling its mission to help those in need within the Hereford Zone. Hereford Food Bank strives to provide a small safety net for those in need, but this year has been particularly challenging for them to keep up with demand. Hard times can fall on us all and have fallen on many this year.

2022 was the 11th year for SAI to collect food donations. The food bank continues to experience unprecedented demand. We hope others will contribute as well, because so many families rely on Hereford Food Bank.

First Fruits Farm provides fresh, nutritious produce to those experiencing hunger in the Mid-Atlantic region. The all-volunteer operation has grown and harvested more than 20 million pounds of fruit and vegetables to share with local food banks, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and other food providers since 2004.  

SAI team members continued their work with the farm this year to help harvest and package produce that was distributed to local food banks.

Oregon Ridge Nature Center Council runs conservation programs and projects at the Oregon Ridge Park in Baltimore County and in cooperation with local schools and other organizations. In addition to maintaining the park and nature center, ORNCC also manages a community garden and a learning center focused on the 19th century industrial complex that previously existed on the site.

SAI team members helped with park maintenance and clean up activities.    

Jewish Community Services offers a broad array of services and resources for individuals, families, and communities in the Greater Baltimore Region. They provide programs and services for emotional and behavioral services, disabilities support, eldercare, family and financial stability support. Their programs are available for people of all ages and backgrounds, to enhance wellbeing, and maximize  independence.

SAI donated servers, laptops, and other computer equipment that will help JCS facilitate its programs. 

Community College of Baltimore County’s mission is to provide an accessible, affordable, and high-quality education that prepares students for transfer and career success, strengthens the regional workforce, and enriches the community. Each year, CCBC educates more than 17,000 individuals, helping them complete their goals of earning degrees, certificates, and workplace certifications.

SAI donated office furniture for administrative and student use on its Catonsville campus.

The SAI team works with these and other organizations to support their community and bond with each other. Employees decide which groups to support and which activities they’ll perform each year.