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The Systems Alliance Team

Deeper insights, sharper instincts, and a more collaborative approach make SAI consultants stand out from the crowd.

Timothy Quinlan: Our Team

Timothy Quinlan

User Experience Architect

When not researching and wireframing, Timothy is enjoying the great outdoors

As a user experience architect on the Digital team, Timothy conducts user research, builds wireframes, and comes up with strategies that meet both client and user goals. His skills span UX, interactive design, front-end development, and professional writing. He is passionate about responsive design, infographics, and web animation. 

Timothy has a masters of arts in Professional Studies from Towson University, as well as a post-baccalaureate certification in interactive media design. Timothy is also a strong advocate for user-centered design and forward-thinking solutions and believes in pursuing every opportunity to improve the user's experience. When he's not sitting in front of a computer, he is enjoying the great outdoors - hiking, walking his dog, and gardening.