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Why and How to Do Usability Testing

Does your company do usability testing? If your answer is no, you should really think again.

Usability testing involves watching your target site visitor audience use your website to find out what’s working and what’s not. It helps you ensure your website meets your business objectives and your visitor’s goals before you launch or make changes.

But that takes a lot of time and effort, right? Actually, usability testing can save time, effort and scarce web resources by preventing costly changes post-launch. It can also increase your revenue by ensuring visitors successfully complete revenue-generating tasks on your site, instead of your competitor’s. All of this can be done by simply adding a few extra hours to your design process or incorporating testing into your ongoing content management approach.

Join us on Tuesday, July 17th from 1 - 1:45 pm ET for an overview of why and how to do usability testing. Amy Rubino, user experience architect with Systems Alliance will lead the session.

High level topics:

  • Why usability testing is important
  • The types of usability tests
  • How you can get started on your own
  • Tips for inexpensive testing
  • Resources for further exploration

About our Speakers :

Why and How to Do Usability Testing

Amy Rubino, user experience architect with Systems Alliance, has 15 years of design experience, including 11 years of designing for the web. She is skilled at conducting user interviews and usability tests and has experience with eye tracking software. She produces user personas, sitemaps, wireframes and prototypes to communicate design solutions and guide projects.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for Web designers and developers, marketing professionals and anyone else interested in making their website more usable and effective.

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