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Know Your Audience: Five Low-Budget, High-Impact Research Methods

Led by Jeanne Ivy and Mark Wood from SAI, this webinar will explain how a small investment in audience research can provide the insight you need to improve your visitors’ experience.

It is critical to make informed decisions about content, navigation, and design when creating or redesigning your website. Through a user-centered design approach, you can better understand who your visitors are, how they perceive your organization, and how they interact with your website. What do site visitors need? What are the key messages that drive them to take action? What are their abilities and limitations? These questions are best answered by going directly to the source: Your audience.

How can you get to know your audience?

Join Jeanne and Mark as they break down five budget-friendly audience research methods. See case studies of how research methods were employed on a diverse range of audiences from clients such as Catholic Relief Services, Stevenson University, American Public and Land-grant Universities, and Howard Community College. Learn why, when, and how to employ each form of research and hear how we combine methods to get the biggest impact in gaining a clear understanding of audiences’ perceptions, behaviors, needs, and wants.

The webinar will cover the following audience research methods:

  • User Personas
  • Focus Groups and Interviews
  • Card Sorts
  • Usability Testing
  • Surveys

Webinar Details

About our Speakers :

Know Your Audience: Five Low-Budget, High-Impact Research Methods

Jeanne Ivy, Senior User Experience Architect and Designer with Systems Alliance, has over 15 years of communications design experience. She specializes in a full range of strategic web services including research and analysis, information architecture, visual design, usability, development, and implementation. Jeanne is Google Analytics IQ Certified.

Know Your Audience: Five Low-Budget, High-Impact Research Methods

Mark Wood, User Experience Architect with Systems Alliance, has more than 20 years of experience in digital and print design. He has experience with information architecture, visual design, website and content strategy, and usability testing.

Who Should Attend?

Web, marketing, communications, strategy, development, and design professionals are all welcome and encouraged to participate.

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