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Root Canals, Taxes, Web Redesign Projects - Taking the Pain Out of Keeping Your Site Fresh

As the shelf life of a website continues to decrease, the conventional wisdom has been that a website should be updated or redesigned every 3 years or so. 

Is this true?

Lately we've heard from experts that redesigns are necessary every 1.5 - 2 years. Given the effort and cost typically involved in a major site redesign, investing in that effort every two years is not feasible for most organizations.

So, here's the real question...

How do you keep a site fresh, incorporating new features and technologies without a significant redesign project?

During the webinar we will provide a case study in evolving your web presence through continuous incremental improvements to extend the time between major redesigns, and ideally, to make the effort and cost of those major redesigns, well, less major.

About our Speakers :

Mark Dabrowski

Mark Dabrowski, PMP, Vice President, Web Effectiveness, Systems Alliance, leads a team of award-winning designers, developers and project managers who assess, create, enhance and transform Web properties for Systems Alliance's clients.

David Biglari

David Biglari, MBA, Digital Strategist, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, leads the digital marketing initiatives for the #1 ranked Graduate Nursing School by U.S. News & World Report and specializes in the project management and integration of digital outcomes.

Who Should Attend?

Web, marketing, communications, strategy and design professionals are all welcome and encouraged to participate.

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Jim Brennan

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