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SAI’s Josh Crone and Mark Dabrowski to Speak at PEX Week 2016

Process Excellence Week 2016: Orlando, January 18-22

SAI’s Josh Crone and Mark Dabrowski to Speak at PEX Week 2016
Hunt Valley, MD , 12/15/2015 -

Join SAI's Josh Crone, Vice President and CTO, Software Products and Mark Dabrowski, Vice President, SAI Digital Practice for our workshop at PEX Week 2016. During the workshop, "Transformation that Sticks: Using Mobile-Optimized Tools to Accelerate Business Transformation" they'll be talking about:

  • Accelerating process improvement and ROI with on the spot/any device access to best practices, procedures and work instructions
  • Achieving better performance by identifying, creating and conveying optimized processes—and ensuring that employees understand and execute those processes
  • Measuring the impact of process improvement efforts by identifying gaps and making needed adjustments​
  • Enabling efficient employee feedback to foster continuous process improvement​
  • Measuring employee interaction with expert content and correlating it to business results​

Attendees will have the chance to ask questions and share issues during this dynamic session. And, Mark and Josh will be on the Expo floor, showing how Acadia™ Performance Platform delivers policies, procedures and just-in-time training anytime, anywhere, on any device - and provides a powerful organizational tool to manage them. Register for PEX Week and be sure to attend SAI’s Workshop on January 18, 11 am! You can take advantage of SAI’s special discount until December 18, 2015 by using our discount code: systemsalliance20.

About PEX Week

PEX Week is a cross-industry showcase of the most forward thinking programs and case studies in Business Transformation, BPM, Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence and Change Management for information sharing, networking and benchmarking. 

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