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SAI Launches Redesigned Website for Federation for State Humanities Councils

Hunt Valley, MD , 11/25/2015 -

Systems Alliance, Inc. (SAI), a digital and IT consulting firm helping clients build, assess and optimize online properties, today announced the launch of a redesigned website for the Federation for State Humanities Councils (FSHC). Founded in 1977, the Federation of State Humanities Councils is the national member association of the 56 state and jurisdictional humanities councils, providing leadership, advocacy and information to help members advance programs that engage millions of citizens across diverse populations in community and civic life.

FSHC selected SAI to transform FSHC’s website into a dynamic digital experience that will increase awareness of the state humanities councils and their work, while encouraging visitors to learn more about and understand the value of supporting FSHC and its members. SAI’s Digital practice conducted stakeholder interviews and surveys and performed a heuristic evaluation to architect a site that would demonstrate FSHC’s impact and highlight advocacy and upcoming events, as well as spotlight the innovative state programs of their members. After extensive research and review of FSHC’s brand, the SAI team recommended features and enhancements that would provide member councils, supporters, community members and other audiences with an engaging and interactive user experience.

“Our members are pleased with the new website’s design, facility of navigation, new features and information,” said Esther Mackintosh, FSHC President and project sponsor. “Many have commented on what a great advocacy tool the website now provides, enabling their partners and legislators to better visualize how the local council’s efforts impact the public on a national scale while addressing specific state and community needs.”

Key components of the new site:

  •       A modern, responsive (mobile-optimized), user experience that allows site visitors to easily navigate information, get involved, donate and share information with other key stakeholders.
  •       Enhanced ability to integrate social media activities with the new site to drive engagement from potential supporters and partners.
  •       Efficient management of content and changes.
  •       A comprehensive program finder that allows users to filter programs by state, topic, audience and other criteria
  •       An interactive U.S. map that allows users to easily find information pertaining to their state council
  •       A customized conference template that includes an interactive agenda that allows users to select sessions of interest and print a custom itinerary

User experience is now more intuitive and its content more organized, allowing for greater engagement and encouraging further exploration and sharing. Council members and visitors can find key information quickly and easily. The new design leverages mobile-optimized responsive design techniques, streamlines content, highlights state humanities council achievements and showcases the Federation’s advocacy work. The new FSHC site welcomes people into the organization and helps to frame the issues, clearly conveying FSHC as a resource for learning more about the state humanities councils and their programs, and emphasizing its role of supporting and advocating for the councils.

 “Working with SAI not only helped produce a website beneficial to our members and mission, but they also worked to understand and accommodate our staff and budget constraints,” said Natalie Pak, FSHC Communication Manager and project manager. “The final product was a beautiful website and, a trained staff capable of making basic and advanced updates giving us the freedom to evolve quickly and independently as our membership and advocacy needs change.”

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About the Federation for State Humanities Councils

Founded in 1977, FSHC is the membership association of 56 state and territorial humanities councils. Through its conferences, collaborative projects, information services and communications to members, legislators and others on issues of public interest, FSHC supports the state humanities councils and creates greater awareness of the humanities in public and private life.

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