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SAI Launches Release 2 of Acadia Performance Platform

Hunt Valley, MD , 02/09/2015 -

Today Systems Alliance, Inc. (SAI) – a software products and digital consulting firm that helps clients win in the marketplace through smart use of technology – announced the availability of Acadia™ Performance Platform release 2. Release 1 of the platform was announced in June. Acadia breaks new ground as a tool for delivering key policy and process information and just-in-time training to employees, anytime, anywhere, on any web-enabled device. At the same time, Acadia incorporates a simple but powerful management tool that allows for continual performance monitoring and improvement.

Available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, release 2 provides many new features to enhance the overall user experience, making an already intuitive process even more appealing.

Among the new and improved features, Acadia release 2 introduces a new document repository which displays a searchable document listing allowing users to filter by category, location, job role, department and document type. A new User Preferences screen includes a more intuitive password change procedure as well as preferences for interface language, time zone, and default page to load upon login. New multilingual interface support will be attractive to global businesses.

The reports homepage has been enhanced to display overviews of multiple reports, which can be configured according to each user’s preferences to deliver a more personalized experience. The filtering system for report data has also been improved. The system will now log analytics information about documents as well as offer new reports such as most active departments and most popular documents.

User management capabilities have been enhanced granting administrators greater control over which areas and features of the program individual users can access as well as the ability to create, edit and delete users more intuitively.

“Release 2 really exemplifies SAI’s focus on product usability and functionality”, says Ric Hughes, President & CEO, SAI. “Feedback from our Early Adopter customers is helping us continuously improve Acadia with greater business benefits for our customers.”

Acadia’s new customers can get a jump on their competition by immediately taking advantage of the product’s many benefits, which include improved employee performance, training assistance, increased productivity and safety and compliance assurance. Given Acadia’s flexibility and functionality, broad demand for the product across a wide variety of industry verticals is anticipated, but to date SAI’s focus has been on the Retail, Manufacturing and Health Care sectors – the mainstays of the company’s existing workforce performance client base.

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