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SAI Announces Availability of SiteExecutive 2015

Hunt Valley, MD , 01/27/2015 -

SAI, a digital and IT consulting firm helping clients build, assess and optimize online properties and IT operations, today announced the launch of the latest version of the company’s Web content management system (CMS), SiteExecutive 2015. The new release provides multiple enhancements to SiteExecutive structured content functionality as well as improvements to overall performance and workflow.

Structured Content Updates

Structured Content, initially released in SiteExecutive 2012, revolutionizes the way people think about their web properties. It separates content from presentation, simplifying the process of creating, correlating and distributing content. SAI has continued to build upon this experience, enabling organizations to deliver enriched, dynamic content efficiently and effectively. In 2015, users benefit from various performance enhancements including the ability to define field groups. Field groups streamline the content creation process by allowing authors to define groups within content types. This provides a cleaner and more efficient layout for users to create content quickly.

New Link Report

The new link report in SE2015 is a tremendous tool for web managers and information architects. This report provides the locations of all templates, CSS, pages, documents, images and multimedia and where they are linked across the site, providing yet another effective tool for non-technical and technical users to manage content quickly and efficiently.

Editor and HTML5

The next major release of the CKEditor integrated in SiteExecutive 2015 provides improved stability and capabilities. Effective immediately, the upgrade to the editor allows SiteExecutive to be fully compatible with IE11. The new release also adds improved support for HTML5 tags in the editor.

Other notable features include:

  • Improvements to the SPAM filtering process
  • Advances to the User Interface

Availability and Licensing

SiteExecutive 2015 is available immediately. Systems Alliance offers the software through perpetual license and SaaS (software as a service) licensing models. To learn more about licensing and pricing, visit:

About SiteExecutive 2015 Web Content Management Software

SiteExecutive 2015 reduces the complexity, cost and effort of building highly effective, engaging Web properties. Selected by organizations of all sizes, SiteExecutive is available by perpetual license or software as a service (SaaS). It lets non-technical personnel create and publish Web content in real-time, while maintaining compliance with organizational processes, branding guidelines and industry best practices. To learn more, please visit:

About Systems Alliance, Inc.

Organizations that make the best use of technology enjoy a distinct competitive advantage. Since 1993, Systems Alliance, Inc. (SAI), has been helping clients thrive by leveraging IT and Digital assets to their best advantage. SAI delivers consulting, development and product-based solutions to complex business challenges, helping their client-partners win in the marketplace.