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SAI Launches Acadia™ Performance Platform – a Game-Changer for Organizational Productivity, Efficiency and Safety

Hunt Valley, MD , 06/23/2014 -

Organizations everywhere strive to identify best practices and integrate them into their daily operations, but until now, doing so successfully has remained an elusive goal. Today Systems Alliance, Inc. (SAI) – a software products and digital consulting firm that helps clients win in the marketplace through smart use of technology – announced the general availability of its new Acadia™ Performance Platform – the latest innovation in the company’s product portfolio. Acadia breaks new ground as a tool for delivering key policy and process information and just-in-time training to employees, anytime, anywhere, on any web-enabled device. At the same time, Acadia incorporates a simple but powerful management tool that allows for continual performance monitoring and improvement.

Following a round of customer feedback during its Early Adopter Program, Acadia is now available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application. Like its Early Adopters, Acadia’s new customers can get a jump on their competition by immediately taking advantage of the product’s many benefits, which include improved employee performance, training assistance, increased productivity and safety and compliance assurance. Given Acadia’s flexibility and functionality, broad demand for the product across a wide variety of industry verticals is anticipated, but to date SAI’s focus has been on the Retail and Health Care sectors – the mainstays of the company’s existing workforce performance client base.

In Health Care, prospective customers and industry experts enthusiastically cite Acadia’s ability to directly address critical safety issues and to improve overall patient outcomes. For example, certain high-risk procedures in a hospital setting are less routine and therefore less familiar, so providing frontline healthcare practitioners real-time access to proven instructions and checklists can truly be life-saving. In the broad world of Retail on the other hand, particularly among large, multi-unit enterprises that rely on relatively low-skilled labor and where tasks can be highly variable, Acadia’s ability to provide just-in-time procedure content empowers the individual employee to perform any task, boosting productivity and lessening the need for continual manager oversight. The net impact of even small improvements, when integrated across an entire chain, can be very significant. Users point to Acadia’s capacity to reduce labor costs, increase productivity and enhance the customer experience.

Another large part of Acadia’s appeal among early adopter users is its simplicity and flexibility. The user interface is clean and intuitive – a hallmark of SAI’s award-winning user experience, design and web development expertise. The application can be linked to an organization’s current intranet or Learning Management System, making policies and procedures available to employees in real time via desktop or any mobile device. The content itself can incorporate a variety of formats, including images and video, and it can be easily configured to deliver only what is relevant to any specific user. From a management standpoint, a content database allows for easy and immediate updating and records are automatically retained for reference and compliance purposes. The content approval process is similarly streamlined. In fact, implementing and managing policies and procedures through Acadia is likely to be easier and less time-consuming than whatever system potential customers are currently using. Early Adopter feedback indicated that organizations who previously made procedure content available through shared document folders found Acadia to be more accessible and targeted, and therefore more usable.

The breadth and comprehensiveness of the Acadia application is unlike anything that is commercially available in the marketplace. “While there are standard operating procedure (SOP) applications out there now, they can’t compare to Acadia’s capacity to impact an organization’s brand and its bottom line”, says Richard Hughes, President & CEO, SAI. “The key is in the 360 degree feedback loop that Acadia provides. So it’s not just management pushing out SOPs, it’s the individual employee and frontline supervisor input that serve to improve the procedures so they actually become best practices, and performance across the enterprise is elevated.”

For a demonstration of the Acadia Performance Platform or for more information on the Early Adopter Program, contact

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