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Systems Alliance announces the newly redesigned Higher Education Recruitment Consortium Website

Increased job board functionality, intuitive information architecture and welcoming visual design

Hunt Valley, MD , 04/01/2013 -

Systems Alliance, a Web and IT consulting firm helping clients build, assess, and optimize online properties and IT operations, today announced the launch of the newly redesigned Higher Education Recruitment Consortium website.

The Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to hire the most talented faculty, staff and executives for its members – over 600 colleges, universities, hospitals, research labs, government agencies, and related non- and for-profit organizations. The HERC website provides users access to more jobs in higher education than any other website. Although the site was functional, it lacked enhanced job board capabilities and HERC’s site administrators were limited as far as editing content. HERC also expressed the need to centralize web content for all 14 locations across the country.

HERC engaged Systems Alliance to improve job board capabilities and give the site a new engaging and seamless design. Systems Alliance was selected based on its extensive experience with Higher Education and its partnership with Boxwood Technology, an online career services company to provide the job board functionality.

Systems Alliance migrated the HERC website into SiteExecutive 2012 EP1, the company’s flagship Content Management System. With SiteExecutive, site administrators are able to edit content quickly and easily. The two platforms work together cohesively to achieve a unified design. The newly redesigned site brings the 14 regional HERC sites under one roof to provide a seamless user experience, while still allowing each region to express individual brand attributes.

Among the SiteExecutive features that HERC uses in its design is structured content, which offers HERC the ability to create content once and publish it anywhere. The site is also optimized for mobile devices for easy access on the go.

“We’ve enjoyed working with both HERC and Boxwood on this project, said Mark Dabrowski, Vice President of Web Effectiveness at Systems Alliance. “It’s allowed us to build a best of breed solution combining an effective site design, flexible SiteExecutive CMS and Boxwood’s robust job board platform.”

Earlier this month at the Digital360 conference, HERC was the recipient of a SiteExecutive Excellence Award for Best Custom Functionality for the work done on the new site.

About Boxwood Technology

Boxwood Technology is the leading provider of online career centers and career-related services to associations. With an exclusive focus on associations, Boxwood provides an industry-leading technology platform for the delivery of their products and services. The Boxwood product suite includes coaching, mentoring, resume writing, online profile development and career fairs, among others. Driven by a culture of innovation, Boxwood has delivered many firsts to the industry including a mobile-optimized version of the career center, a career center Facebook application and now integrations with online learning platforms. Boxwood has headquarters in Herndon, VA and Hunt Valley, MD.

About Systems Alliance, Inc.

Organizations that make the best use of technology enjoy a distinct competitive advantage. Since 1993, Systems Alliance, Inc. (SAI), has been helping clients thrive by leveraging IT and Digital assets to their best advantage. SAI delivers consulting, development and product-based solutions to complex business challenges, helping their client-partners win in the marketplace.