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Systems Alliance Announces its Support for Technology As Needed (TAN)

Hunt Valley, MD , 09/10/2012 -

Systems Alliance, a digital and IT consulting firm helping clients build, assess and optimize online properties and IT operations, today announced its participation in Technology As Needed (TAN), a program that collects used and recently decommissioned computers and refurbishes them for distribution to those in dire need of technology.

TAN was started in 2005 and is a service of the Outreach Committee of Christ Episcopal Church in Sparta, North Carolina. Since then, the program has received donations of over 2,100 computers and has successfully refurbished 80% of those for distribution. The staff is made up of local volunteers, including Rich McKnight, who leads the effort.

Systems Alliance will be aiding in the collection of recycled laptops to be refurbished and donated to underprivileged students, non-profit organizations such as orphanages, and disabled or handicapped individuals who would benefit from internet access, voice recognition technology and other computer-based assistance. TAN has already provided refurbished laptops to Haiti, Honduras and South Africa, as well as a number of other countries and many locations in the southeast US. “Seldom do those of us that have grown up in the technology industry have an opportunity to provide such great value to those that need it most. The volunteers at TAN can convert your old laptop to a tremendous learning aid.”  said Ric Hughes, President and CEO of Systems Alliance. .

Systems Alliance will be collecting recycled laptops until the end of the year. For more information about TAN and to make a donation, please visit:

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