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Systems Alliance Will Host Web Typography Webinar, “Techniques for Improving the Effectiveness of Your Website,” September 20, 2011

Led by Jeanne Ivy, DCD, Webinar Will Explore Ways You Can Use Typography to Enhance Message Delivery, Site Usability and Search Engine Optimization

Hunt Valley, MD , 08/31/2011 -

Systems Alliance, a Web and IT consulting firm that helps clients build, assess and optimize online properties today announced it will host a webinar entitled “Web Typography: Techniques for Improving the Effectiveness of Your Website,” from 1 – 2 pm ET, Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

Typography is the art of designing and choosing typefaces, selecting the size, color, spacing, and placement of content, and arranging type to create a hierarchy of information. During this complimentary September 20 webinar, Jeanne Ivy,  Doctorate in Communications Design and Web Consultant with Systems Alliance, will lead an interactive discussion exploring ways you can use typography to improve your site’s overall effectiveness.

The webinar will cover the following high-level topics:

  • Choosing the right Web typefaces (especially considering the recent advancement in font embedding)
  • Creating typographic compositions that deliver your message effectively
  • Using contrast and emphasis for readability
  • Presenting a hierarchy of information that appeals to readers and increases search engine optimization

Why Does Typography Matter?

The Web is currently estimated to contain over 14 billion pages – of which 95% is written language. However, far too often an organization’s design energy is expended on brand attributes, as opposed to the vast amount of text making up most site content.

According to usability experts, people visiting websites typically read only about 20 percent of the content on a page. We scan text, looking for subheadings, keywords, callouts and captions, details that will grab our attention and encourage us to read more. Long pages of content that are not properly styled will quickly be skipped, frustrating site visitors who depart without the information they were seeking.

In addition to its impact on readability and comprehension, typography is crucial for enabling effective search results. Search engines primarily look at text (and HTML code which is also text) to determine which information is most important and relevant. Pages that are not designed and coded for modern web typography standards won’t make the cut.

Webinar Details

  • What: Web Typography – Techniques for Improving the Effectiveness of Your Website
  • When: 1 – 2 pm ET, Tuesday, September 20, 2011
  • Online registration:
  • Cost: The webinar is free
  • Who should attend: Web designers, content authors, Web strategists, online marketers
  • Tweet: Get updates and follow along on Twitter using #ivytype

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