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Systems Alliance Simplifies Creation of More Engaging and Effective Web Properties with Launch of SiteExecutive 2011

Latest Release of Web CMS Updates Core Functions for Modeling Structured Content, User Administration and Workflow, Along with Video Gallery and App Updates

Hunt Valley, MD , 01/18/2011 -

Systems Alliance Inc., a software development firm and systems integrator providing high-value IT and business consulting services, today announced the launch of SiteExecutive 2011, the latest version of its flagship Web content management application (CMS). The release includes updates to the core product architecture and management interfaces, as well as several new and enhanced applications, all of which support the creation of highly engaging, multimedia-rich Web properties.

New and Enhanced Apps Create a Better Web Experience
Marketers are looking for ways of engaging Website visitors with content that will drive business outcomes, from generating leads and sales to collecting donations. With SiteExecutive 2011, Systems Alliance has enhanced and added new apps that will help clients create a more compelling Web experience, including:

  • Video Gallery: This SiteExecutive 2011 application aggregates videos from external sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo and MediaExecutive, and organizes them for playback on SiteExecutive Web pages.
  • Photo Gallery: SiteExecutive 2011 makes the Website photo gallery more effective, especially for display on mobile sites. It features a new photo API which automates image resizing and display based on bandwidth and browser settings.
  • Event Calendar: A completely revamped Event Calendar application enables the creation of multiple event calendars, which can be rolled-up into an aggregated view that can be sorted by any event criteria (e.g., type, location, organizer, etc.). Fully configurable, the app displays events as a list or calendar, accepts user-submitted events and interoperates with other popular calendar systems.
  • Profile Directory: The revamped Profile Directory application supports the creation of customizable profiles featuring any number of fields, as well as file uploads for photos and supporting content, such as publications. Systems Alliance will offer hospitals and colleges standard, out-of-the box staff and faculty profiles to accelerate content creation.

Core Updates Extend and Simplify Content Creation and Management
These days, “it takes a village,” certainly applies to the process of updating Web content. Content comes from people within and beyond your organization, as well as from other applications, databases and RSS feeds. SiteExecutive 2011 features a number of enhancements and new capabilities which improve performance, while also extending and simplifying content creation and management, including:

  • Structured Content API: This API is used for modeling SiteExecutive content such as events and directory listings. Content specialists can leverage the API for developing content that will be search engine friendly and semantically correct.
  • New Workflow Process: SiteExecutive 2011 enables more efficient review and approval workflow by giving authorized reviewers the right to edit and approve content in a single step. Workflows can also be automated based on specific content variables, further streamlining the review and approval process.
  • Enhanced user management: This feature is especially useful for sites with large numbers of content authors and administrative users, as it provides a new, more intuitive interface for managing and assigning users and groups.

Availability and Licensing
SiteExecutive 2011 is available immediately. Systems Alliance offers the software through perpetual license and SaaS (software as a service) licensing models. To learn more about licensing and pricing, visit:

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