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Web Strategy for Generation Z: The Evolution of Undergraduate Recruitment

Gen Z whitepaper coverThey’re more impatient, more tech-savvy and more suspicious of marketing messaging than Millennials. They’re also more open-minded, more inclusive and more career-minded. They’re Generation Z, and they’re the current wave of college applicants.

In this white paper, you’ll meet the “Gen Zs,” Americans born between the late 1990s-2014 and learn how to adapt your college or university’s digital strategy to connect with them. This will require a shift from Millennial-minded marketing to Gen Z-focused messaging. While Millennials can remember the days of dial-up modems, Gen Zs grew up ingrained in technology. And as the first true digital natives, Gen Zs have literally never known a world without the web, so your website is a powerful recruitment tool.

Get exclusive insight into what Gen Zs care about and what they’re looking for in college and university websites and social media. You’ll learn from experts how to optimize your digital presence, and have access to strategic ways to attract and engage members of this post-Millennial generation.

Topics Covered:

  • Who is Generation Z?
  • The Gen Z User Experience
  • Content and Messaging for Gen Z
  • Social Media and Digital Strategy
  • How to Evaluate Website Effectiveness

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