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Opening the Virtual Front Door to Campus

Your campus may be among the most inviting in the country, but your website might be keeping prospective students from stepping foot on your grounds…

In a recent survey of 1,000 prospective college-bound students, a majority stated they made admissions decisions based on the experience they had when visiting college websites. In fact, 25% removed a school from their lists because of a poor Web experience.

With insights from Web experts from the University of Alabama and Johns Hopkins University, our white paper, "Opening the Virtual Front Door to Campus: Effective Web Strategy in Higher Education" outlines the steps you can take to improve your school's Web presence and enhance overall visitor experience -- to engage with prospective students, parents, alumni and others crucial for your institution's success.

Topics Covered:

  • The Web's impact on Higher ed recruiting
  • Implementing a centralized approach to Web ownership
  • Maintaining brand consistency
  • Steps to designing an effective Web strategy
  • Measuring success with the help of a Web content management system

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