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Making the Grade in Higher-Ed Admissions Recruitment with Web Technology

College Websites are breaking new ground in the ways they interact with prospective students, parents, high school guidance counselors and college consultants. The intersection of creative marketing and technology is making this possible, especially when it comes to the content management systems that power your Web presence. If you're thinking this means call in the IT staff, think again.

If you're responsible for driving admissions and enrollment, you can take control of the Web and get it right. Our white paper, Making the Grade in Higher Education Admissions Recruitment with Web Technology, will help you expand your vision by sharing:

  • The generational divide and what it means for your success
  • What peer institutions are doing to drive a stronger Web presence
  • Four ways you can get more value from your Web content management system
  • Four tips for measuring the success of your Web marketing efforts

Bonus Content – Eight Tips for Leveraging Social Media

According to NACAC, the majority of colleges are using social media to reach prospective students. To help you get the most from your social media efforts, our paper includes Eight Tips for Leveraging Social Media, a special section by Melissa Richards, Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications, Virginia Tech.

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