The times, they are a changing – for IT workers in Maryland. Northrop Grumman’s recently announced plans to cut 800 technology jobs in Maryland, and even more drastic cuts of 6,500 personnel by Lockheed, suggest IT pros can no longer count on the government sector for stable, long-term employment.  Thankfully there is a thriving alternative universe of IT jobs in Maryland – and I’m not talking about the “cyber-security” boom either…

Anyhow, even before the latest budget/jobs stalemate in Washington, the writing was on the wall for federal funding of IT. Take for example the following excerpt from a Washington Technology article from April 4, 2011:

“This roundup highlights another trend: General-purpose IT contracts are a dying breed, except for a handful of huge contracts, such as the National Institutes of Health's Electronic Commodities Store IV, the Homeland Security Department's First Source 2, and the Housing and Urban Development Network, known as HUDNet.”

Enough bad news. The good news for IT pros is Maryland software and consulting companies like Systems Alliance are growing at a brisk pace. One fact that may surprise you (it did me), the Baltimore region was ranked #4 in the nation for the rate of high-tech job growth in a fall 2011 report from Jones Lang LaSalleup 9%!

Maryland’s tech firms are not only creating more jobs, they’re creating well-paying jobs. And, as an added bonus, many (both established companies and start-ups) have cultures that promote and reward creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and personal growth.

If any of this is news to you, check out the Baltimore Tech.Net website, which gives members of Baltimore’s young (mostly) tech community a forum for displaying and sharing profiles and finding jobs – there are plenty. The Baltimore start-up community maintains its own website – (surprise), where you can also find jobs, keep up with local events, meet entrepreneurs and participate in an active, engaged community.

Made in Maryland

From video games and social media apps to network and Web content management software, Maryland’s tech firms are bringing a wide range of products and services to market for clients around the world.  The economic impact of the industry is huge. Reporting on the gaming sector alone, in 2010 the Baltimore County Department of Economic Development stated,"the game development and digital media industry contributes $15 billion in economic activity in Maryland each year."

Founded in 1993 as an IT staffing business in Hunt Valley, Systems Alliance has evolved over the years into software developer and Web and enterprise IT consulting firm. Our SiteExecutive Web content management software and MediaExecutive Web video service are used by thousands of content authors at industry leading organizations like Johns Hopkins and Walmart and growing SMB’s, like the regional law firm Bowie & Jensen. If you’ve been on the Maryland MVA website, the Baltimore County Government website or on any of the hundreds of college websites that run on Systems Alliance’s SiteExecutive CMS, you’ve contributed to the well-being of a Maryland-based technology professional.

And, if you’re interested in growing your IT career in Maryland, you should know Systems Alliance is focused on building its product, consulting and support teams here; why outsource when there’s plenty of talent in Maryland. Systems Alliance has a number of new positions available that we would like to fill with passionate, thoughtful developers, engineers and consultants. If that’s you, visit our careers website or just send your resume and cover letter today.