I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for befores-and-afters. From weight loss stories to renovated kitchens on HGTV, watching something ordinary be made over into something compelling is just one of life's little thrills. I'm convinced our clients are the same way. They nod politely when you present the specifics of a plan to reinvent their web presence, but when you show them a wireframe, or a rewritten web page or a new design, that's when you hear gasps and see lots of excitement. For that reason - because we often need to see it to get it -- we'll be publishing a series of blogs in upcoming weeks about giving your web content a makeover. Stay tuned while we explore content from various perspectives.

First up, let's consider writing for the target audience. I know that sounds simple, but losing track of the target is an enormous lost opportunity and a common one. Particularly when an insider is doing the writing, it's easy to forget that the site isn't meant simply to inform, but to persuade. There are many really bad examples out there in almost every category, but let's look at one that's more subtle.

About Us
COLLEGE NAME in CITY, STATE, is a public institution of COUNTY with the mission to help anyone with an educational goal.  That may be getting a two-year college degree, starting a four-year degree at ACRONYM and transferring elsewhere, entering a new career, sharpening job skills, or exploring personal interests.  That's why at ACRONYM we say, "TAGLINE!".

Not bad, right? It's written in the first person, the style is quite approachable, and it mentions anticipated results. But what if we turned those functional category benefits (a degree or educational path) into something a bit more motivating for the target and differentiating for the institution? And then what if we led them to even more reasons to choose our client's brand?

Why choose ACRONYM?
Every year, 30,000 students turn to COLLEGE NAME for our ability to provide an outstanding college education that's affordable, accessible, practical and personal – an education that is specifically geared toward today's emerging and in-demand careers.  But it doesn't end there. Explore the top seven reasons why our highly diverse student body loves ACRONYM.

Note that the made-over copy is nearly the same length as the original. You don't necessarily have to say more to make the site work harder. You just have to remember to whom you're speaking and what's important to them.

Have questions or other good examples? Let us know in the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you.