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Working on challenging, game-changing projects for recognizable clients is what typically keeps a consultant motivated. We’re not just focused on completing a project or task, but rather on enabling a client to achieve a “business” outcome. In the digital space, projects typically involve implementing strategies or solutions to help an organization reduce costs, to drive more sales and revenue, or to grow and transform. For example, it’s very satisfying to help a local university grow by enabling it to attract more students or to deploy a solution that enables the world’s largest retailer to operate more efficiently.

But it’s especially gratifying to play a part in initiatives that have a broad social impact. A great example is a series of projects we completed for two non-profit organizations focused on organ and tissue donation – The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland and Donate Life Maryland.  Partnering with these organizations in their life saving mission is both a huge honor and a daunting responsibility. In our roles as consultants, marketers, designers, developers and architects, however, it is refreshing to be able to use our various skill sets to inspire this kind of social change....Read More

Regardless of one’s political leanings or opinion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare, there is widespread consensus that the roll-out of the website has been a mess. is the primary means for Americans to enroll in healthcare programs under the auspices of the ACA. Critics as well as supporters of the ACA, including President Obama, have repeatedly described the website as a “disaster,” a “debacle” and “unacceptable.”

My objective here is not to throw additional barbs at or to provide political commentary. Rather, my focus is on the lessons we, as web designers and developers, can learn from this experience....Read More

Feb 2014