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In our first two installments (Part 1 & Part 2) in the content makeover series, we’ve talked about how important your audience and point of view are to your web content. Refining your message is the critical first step in connecting with your audience, but in a visual world where people have increasingly short attention spans, an essential aspect of the connection is how your message looks. Designing content for the web is just as important as writing it because if a user isn’t engaged by their impression of your content, they will not stop and read it....Read More

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how or why it happens, but trends emerge and take hold and suddenly we have a new way of doing things. This applies, quite obviously, to things like fashion, food, fitness and baby names, but on a larger scale to economics, politics and culture. Trends on the web are no exception.

For some it may seem like yesterday that a Flash-animated introduction led to a page where links were underlined in blue and content written in Arial and Georgia sat uncomfortably in tables with gray borders. As the web has evolved over the last decade, Flash has been virtually replaced by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, tables have all but disappeared and there are hundreds of web-friendly fonts to choose from. In this case, we can point to technological advances that have allowed the design and functionality of sites to improve and create more engaging and intuitive user experiences. Other trends, such as changes in design styles, surface as industry giants like Apple, Microsoft or Google adapt new branding. Whatever the cause of the trend that takes hold, there are those that are well worth paying attention to and others likely to be a passing fad. Is it worth investing in any of these trends? Let’s take a look at a few that are....Read More

A new visitor arrives at your website and forms an impression of your organization in less than the blink of an eye. Not only do visitors decide whether your website looks good within 1/20th of a second, but researchers have found that their initial impression will impact perceptions of other aspects, such as the website's content.*...Read More

We are a nation of scanners. When we encounter a new web page our eyes quickly dart through the content looking for keywords and sentences, callouts and subheadings, details that will grab our attention and encourage us to read more.

Research studies have shown this to be true. Jakob Nielsen’s seminal study from 1997 on “How Users Read on the Web,” found that the vast majority of users scan pages for information, and are very unlikely to read pages word for word. In a subsequent Alertbox post from 2008, Neilsen argues that on average, users only read about 20% of the text on a web page....Read More

Mar 2015