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A common problem I’ve seen with many clients is their reliance on outdated or end of life (EOL) hardware and software. Inevitably during interviews or while conducting an asset survey there will be some critical component identified that has been neglected for a long time.  

Often the justification for utilizing these IT assets that have survived beyond their service lives is the cost to replace them. This logic is flawed and there’s far more to consider than just upfront costs.

Here’s four reasons why you should reconsider if your business is stuck in the past:...Read More

Narcissistic. Pessimistic. Tech-savvy. These are three of the most commonly-used terms to describe the Generation Y target, also known as Millennials. While there is inherent truth in all three, successful web marketers look beyond such generalizations to gain a more nuanced understanding of the target audience that will make up the lion’s share of their recruits....Read More

sun shining through cloudsEarly into my first role as an IT manager, I was faced with a problem that is common today. Users were utilizing shadow IT on a regular basis because they wanted to use newer & more flexible tools. For those blissfully unaware, shadow IT encompasses all of the unauthorized IT gear and applications that are being run outside of the IT department. In my case, these ad hoc solutions had a very ugly spotlight thrown on them when sensitive data was accidentally exposed. The situation involved someone forwarding email to a personal account and using a free cloud storage provider to share data. The pain of picking up the pieces afterwards was significant....Read More

With preparations in hand from fanatical observance of our three prior Blogs on this subject, the Higher Ed transformation team is now approaching countdown and launch. In Blogs 1-3, we covered the discovery, analysis, and visioning phases. We will now complete preparations for the Transformation Initiative launch by completing the Program Roadmap.

Crafting a world-class Roadmap involves four key steps which synthesize learnings from the prior work stages:...Read More

We hear regularly from our Higher Ed CIO clients about the accelerating complexity associated with maintaining legacy applications and IT service delivery processes. Doing this while quickly moving in parallel to support on-line learning platforms, an increasingly mobile student population and a rapidly changing application portfolio is an even greater challenge. (Exhausted yet?)  And by the way, all of this needs to be accomplished with a diminished pool of funding. Now more than ever, you need a structured approach to bring order from complexity. We think the Transformation Roadmap approach works well in these circumstances....Read More

Dec 2014