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Too many organizations have made substantial investments in IT only to see those initiatives fail spectacularly despite their potential. Whether it’s a new ERP system, a cutting edge SaaS solution, or just a routine system refresh, your investments will be wasted if your staff doesn’t know how to best utilize the tools provided.

Here’s three things to consider about training:

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Narcissistic. Pessimistic. Tech-savvy. These are three of the most commonly-used terms to describe the Generation Y target, also known as Millennials. While there is inherent truth in all three, successful web marketers look beyond such generalizations to gain a more nuanced understanding of the target audience that will make up the lion’s share of their recruits....Read More

In the first installment of our Branding and the Internet series, we established that branding can be defined as the strategic cultivation of a distinct, ownable and motivating brand identity. In the digital age, an important part of almost any brand identity is formed online, so be sure that your website and social media assets present yours in the best possible light. ...Read More

Hey there, GA users! Our recent webinar, Google Analytics: Putting Data into Action received a lot of attention. (If you missed it, be sure to check it out!) I partnered with Tom Routson of Arch Insurance Group for this session and together we gave some great insight into Google Analytics best practices and ways to leverage analytics data to make better informed marketing decisions. A lot of great questions and discussions were sparked during and after the session, so we’ve put together our favorite questions along with our answers....Read More

Mar 2015