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When we began work on SiteExecutive version 2017 (SE 2017), we had three goals in mind:

  1. usability,
  2. usability,
  3. and usability. 

Alright, maybe that was only one goal; however, it embodies every decision we make as we improve SE 2017. This goal, coupled with the great feedback we have received from all of you, makes us excited to share some of the enhancements planned for the next release. Read on to catch a glimpse of the improvements we are making to the page editor, accessibility, reporting, event calendar, and overall product usability.

Editor Enhancements

We are making some significant additions to the editor in SE 2017. The editor itself has been upgraded to add support for all modern browsers and to do a better job of pasting formatted text. Also, you will be able to use 20+ additional HTML tags within the editor. Finally, the HTML Snippet tool has gotten an overhaul complete with syntax highlighting and automatic tag completion.


We heard repeatedly how important it was to ensure that your visitors can successfully interact with your sites, regardless of their physical abilities. As a result, we are reviewing every application and module in SE 2017 to ensure that they hold up to Section 508 accessibility standards. Additionally, we are providing controls that will assist you in enforcing attributes such as “alt text” across your site. As an added bonus, these changes can also have a positive influence on your site’s search engine optimization (SEO).

More robust reporting on usage

We’ve received lots of positive feedback on the extended usage report that was added to each item within SE 2015. We want to continue to provide more visualization regarding how objects are used within the system. In the next release, we will extend this visualization to any JS or CSS files used within the head sections or dynamic head sections of pages and templates. This should make site updates and redesigns significantly easier for any of you web developers out there!

Create your own Event Calendar tags

In addition to tagging events with locations and types, we are giving you the flexibility to add your own categories. Want your events to be tagged with specific schools or regions? Go for it!  We are also enhancing the layouts and viewlets to be more flexible by providing more control on the display.

Bug fixes and updates to the user interface

Along with the calendar updates, we have resolved many reported bugs and issues. Based on feedback, we are also cleaning up various sections of the interface to make it more usable. Our focus is to reduce unnecessary screen clutter while maintaining the familiar interface that many of us have become accustomed to. 

We hope that you’re as excited about these new features as we are. You can look forward to the new release of SiteExecutive this spring. Thanks for all the great feedback we have received, it really drives each iteration of SiteExecutive, keep it coming!

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We are very excited to announce the latest release of SiteExecutive 2013, which many of you already know as codename, Trinity.

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