In Part 2 of our blog on Identity Management systems, we’ll discuss guidelines and best practices you can use when designing your implementation plan. Incorporating these ideas into your overall project can save you a lot of time and grief in the long run. If you haven’t already selected an Identity Management system or provider, it’s probably worthwhile taking a look at Part 1 of our blog, entitled “Where Do You Stand with Identity Management and Single Sign-on?”

1. Get a good inventory of your systems, services and users.

Before moving forward with implementation, it’s important to take stock of your systems, services and users. As you are creating the list, note how access to each system or service is provided (i.e., by individual, group, department, etc.). Taking the time to do this step now will help you determine which systems are the best candidates to include in a proof of concept and will help you avoid integration surprises down the road. ...Read More