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One of our biggest enhancements for SiteExecutive 2012 EP1 is our new modal dialog system. These newly restructured modal dialogs provide a much more intuitive interface for SiteExecutive 2012. By reengineering the system, we were able to maintain all of the functionality users would expect from a true popup window, i.e. moving and resizing of the dialogs.

old and new...Read More

This is the last post in our blog series on Structured Content and we’ll be talking about what content + presentation equals. The answer? A perfectly put together page with no styling or coding required. Content authors can be at ease, knowing that when they create the content, the presentation is already defined for them, allowing them to create fabulous pages with no fuss.

As a content author, I’d like to give you some insight into just how simple the process of using Structured Content can be. So here are 5 reasons why I love Structured Content....Read More

Aug 2012