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IT equals constant change. The rapid pace of growth and change is often reflected in ad hoc organizational designs. Managers rarely have the time to plan (or reassess) IT org design requirements. Soon you’ve got staff wearing multiple hats that conflict with one another. Internal priorities become unclear as staff headcount grows and reporting chains become murky. New hires are simply thrown into the mix, left to deal with the existing internal politics and unclear boundaries. So things get done, but the execution is no longer world class. Finally, service delivery issues increase and retention degrades, creating the need for a focused org design discussion....Read More

Job descriptions are often overlooked in IT departments as a source of headaches. Technical issues may take center stage when you think about IT pain points, but the more mundane aspects of your organization could be seriously hurting you. While you may not pull them out on a daily basis, making sure your job descriptions are accurate can make the difference when you’re trying to provide world class service to customers....Read More

Dec 2014