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Visitors know exactly what they want when they arrive at your site. Whether to research the newest breakthroughs in cancer treatment or to get the most popular article on “how to remodel your house”, visitors need to be able to find what they are looking for… and fast. One of the best ways to empower people to navigate the wealth of information your site has to offer is through search. The SiteExecutive team understands the importance of site search and has gone through great effort to create a rich, powerful, and relevant search application in version 2013 EP1....Read More

One of our biggest enhancements for SiteExecutive 2012 EP1 is our new modal dialog system. These newly restructured modal dialogs provide a much more intuitive interface for SiteExecutive 2012. By reengineering the system, we were able to maintain all of the functionality users would expect from a true popup window, i.e. moving and resizing of the dialogs.

old and new...Read More

Sep 2013