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As today’s website visitors get increasingly sophisticated about what they want from a website, it’s important for companies and organizations to deliver the right online experience. So, when embarking on a project to create or redesign your website, make sure you know your audience, how they interact with your site, and what their needs are....Read More

success or failure

The notion that an enterprise website needs to be completely overhauled every few years is no longer as commonly accepted as, say five years ago. As we explored in our last webinar, we’ve observed organizations nowadays looking to maintain the freshness of their websites through continuous, incremental improvements over time.

But for this approach to be effective, you have to start with a relatively strong web presence. Your company won’t benefit from only minor incremental adjustments to a digital strategy that desperately needs a major overhaul. If you are in need of a major overhaul, and you plan to work with an agency or consultant, keep reading....Read More

Sep 2014