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The recent data breach at Sony Pictures has been grabbing headlines for the past few days and drawing lots of attention to cybersecurity in the corporate world. While your company is exceedingly unlikely to be the target of a nation-state directed cyber-attack, you face numerous other threats on a daily basis....Read More

Calling for support can go from being a necessary evil that is dreaded by customers to an experience that enhances your relationship and saves you money, but it’s an evolutionary process that builds off of data.

So what do a lot of IT organizations track when it comes to their service desk?

  • Number of Tickets Opened
  • Number of Tickets Closed
  • ...Read More

Maybe it’s the late, cold, damp spring we’re having this year, but my confidence in the weather forecasting crew is at an all-time low. Early spring snow storms (6-10”) have ended up being rain events. The price of being wrong for highly paid weather forecasters is negligible apparently.

The cost of inaccurate estimating and sizing of complex IT projects in contrast has an increasingly unfortunate correlation with job loss for IT executives and CIOs. Lousy estimating skills are increasingly evident in the filings of public companies as they admit substantial cost overruns and delays with major IT projects. Broken mid-market ERP implementations and web projects appear to be especially popular this year....Read More

We hear regularly from our Higher Ed CIO clients about the accelerating complexity associated with maintaining legacy applications and IT service delivery processes. Doing this while quickly moving in parallel to support on-line learning platforms, an increasingly mobile student population and a rapidly changing application portfolio is an even greater challenge. (Exhausted yet?)  And by the way, all of this needs to be accomplished with a diminished pool of funding. Now more than ever, you need a structured approach to bring order from complexity. We think the Transformation Roadmap approach works well in these circumstances....Read More

A three part series from Ric Hughes and the CIO Advisory practice at Systems Alliance, Inc.

Post 2: Building the Composite Team

Using a consistent planning and delivery approach from top to bottom in the IT organization creates a shared understanding of priorities and expectations. At SAI, we’re big fans of using a three step process: Define, Align and Measure as a planning model for decision making and delivery at all levels of IT. This is an iterative process so there is a “rinse and repeat” element to this that differs in frequency based on the planning and change cycle of the IT organization....Read More

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