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It shouldn’t surprise anyone when the authors of Georgia Tech’s 2014 Emerging Cyber Threats Report say that, “the vast majority of employees now bring mobile devices into the workplace and expect to be able to use their smart-phones and tablets to work from anywhere”. The “Bring Your Own Device” phenomenon is also associated with the rapid rise in data being exported outside organizations' traditional security boundaries.

The increasing use of personal devices to perform work related functions and access employer data creates unique challenges for companies and ultimately their IT staff members. I can’t think of a client I’ve worked with in the past 2 years that wasn’t concerned about, if not actively addressing, the implications of BYOD....Read More

Is there a place for BYOD (Bring your own device) in Higher Education? Well, given that over 60% of employees already use their personal devices for work in some way, the question is no longer relevant. A more appropriate question is “What are the BYOD related benefits and costs?”, and this blog will help you begin to think about this question for your institution.

When answering this question, I think BYOD has different applicability for the 3 categories of users in a Higher Education environment:

  1. Employees (Faculty and staff)
  2. Students
  3. Visitors
  4. ...Read More

The world’s population today is a little over 7 billion. Cisco estimates that by the year 2020, there will be 50 billion network devices on the earth. That’s 7 per person! With mobile technology proliferating at such a quick pace, the issue of mobile security needs to be revisited.

Mobile devices are increasingly being used to access sensitive data and in sensitive work situations. For the last ten years, the FAA has been telling us to “stow all electronic devices when we got on the plane”. IT professionals held this up as a policy that would never change. The FAA announced several months ago that they have begun the testing and certification of mobile devices. They’re here and they’re not going away folks....Read More

Mar 2014