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In our first two installments (Part 1 & Part 2) in the content makeover series, we’ve talked about how important your audience and point of view are to your web content. Refining your message is the critical first step in connecting with your audience, but in a visual world where people have increasingly short attention spans, an essential aspect of the connection is how your message looks. Designing content for the web is just as important as writing it because if a user isn’t engaged by their impression of your content, they will not stop and read it....Read More

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In Part I of our content makeover series, we talked about the importance of writing persuasively by keeping your target audience in mind as you craft your content. In Part II, we're exploring the write-for-your-audience theme a bit deeper.  

As you are considering your organization's website, it is quite helpful to continuously ask yourself , "Do I care?". The "I" in the subject of that sentence is, of course, your site visitor. If you review your web content through the lens of your potential customers (or members, or students, or whoever makes up your target audience), I think you'll find your resulting website both harder-working and more involving....Read More

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for befores-and-afters. From weight loss stories to renovated kitchens on HGTV, watching something ordinary be made over into something compelling is just one of life's little thrills. I'm convinced our clients are the same way. They nod politely when you present the specifics of a plan to reinvent their web presence, but when you show them a wireframe, or a rewritten web page or a new design, that's when you hear gasps and see lots of excitement. For that reason - because we often need to see it to get it -- we'll be publishing a series of blogs in upcoming weeks about giving your web content a makeover. Stay tuned while we explore content from various perspectives....Read More

Mar 2015