magnifying glassYou’ve probably spent a lot of time and money to ensure compliance with government regulations and industry best practices. Whether you deal with SOX, HIPAA, PCI, or another set of controls for your industry, you’ve probably made a substantial investment to ensure you’re fully compliant.

Information systems play a critical role in many of these frameworks. Data security is intimately linked to privacy rules. Retention requirements are easily met through backups. IT staff and management are well versed in the rulebook, but what about your end users? While it is often easy to understand the technical controls that need to be in place, your internal policies and procedures are often equally as important.  

Here’s some examples where user training around regulatory compliance is critical:

  1. Extra Copies – How many of your users are keeping sensitive data in spreadsheets or other documents saved to their desktops instead of to your secure network storage? How many of them use unapproved cloud storage solutions or personal email accounts to pass data back and forth for ease-of-use? Whether it is an untrained user or “Shadow IT” implemented without being assessed for security, you have a training problem.
  2. Untrained and Unprotected – For power users, encrypting files and securing folders is straightforward, but not all of those who handle sensitive information are going to be experts. User training around your solutions is absolutely critical to effectively implementing them. If your end users are not able to use your solutions effectively then you’re going to have compliance issues.
  3. More Eyes = More Better – IT staff and management can’t see everything. If your end users not only have been trained on best practices but understand the rationale behind them, they’ll be assets to your compliance program. Expanded awareness of regulatory compliance can only benefit you and will reveal gaps in your solutions quickly.

Regulatory compliance is a serious obligation for businesses and should never be taken lightly. The costs of failing an audit or ending up in court are substantial. Training around compliance needs to be effective, timely, and easily accessible to all of your staff.  Keep in mind that IT changes very quickly and best practices around regulatory compliance will evolve with it. Policy and procedure management is not a one-and-done effort. If you don’t have a platform to manage policies, procedures, and just-in-time training you’re at a major disadvantage.

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