Hey there, GA users! Our recent webinar, Google Analytics: Putting Data into Action received a lot of attention. (If you missed it, be sure to check it out!) I partnered with Tom Routson of Arch Insurance Group for this session and together we gave some great insight into Google Analytics best practices and ways to leverage analytics data to make better informed marketing decisions. A lot of great questions and discussions were sparked during and after the session, so we’ve put together our favorite questions along with our answers.

1. When filtering out certain IP addresses, how do you enter all the IP addresses that you want to filter?

Great question, as filtering out internal sites is very important to get an accurate picture of your site visitors! This could get tricky if you have more than one IP address that you need to filter out. Here are some general rules from Google on creating a RegEx when you need to either put several IPs together or create a range.

To exclude more than one IP address you need a custom filter rather than using Google’s Predefined filter. The setup would look like the screenshot below and you simply paste the IP range that you create into the Filter Pattern area.

exclude internal traffic screenshot

2. Is it recommended to filter by IP address to filter out internal traffic or to use the Domain?

According to our IT team, you have more control using IP. For example, an organization may have multiple IP address ranges for various locations and network segments and not all of those may be tied to a domain.

3. Is the filter to exclude internal traffic automatically applied to my statistics or is there a separate view?

It is critical that you do not apply any filters to your main view. Always keep one, main, unfiltered view.

It's best to create a separate view and title it something like “{your company name} External Traffic Only”, and then apply the filters there.

4. Do you suggest using different Google Analytics tracking code for subdomains or microsites, or just filter the data using the same main domain tracking code?

I suggest having the same tracking code on all domains with variations in the tracking code for the main property and the subdomains. Here is an article that will provide more detail on how to set this up so you can use one main property with multiple views and cross domain tracking. We have done this with higher education clients to track traffic from a microsite to the main website and onto the admissions application and it's worked really well.

5. Is there Google Analytics training available?

Our team at SAI is Google Analytics IQ Certified and we offer custom training to our clients who want to learn more about Google Analytics as well as have custom configuration work such as the dashboards and reports that I demonstrated with Arch in the webinar. For Arch, we traveled to their location and did a six-hour training course with several members of their staff.

There is also free Google Analytics training online that you can access anytime which can lead to Google Analytics IQ Certification.

Hope to catch you all at the next webinar!