We are very excited to announce the latest release of SiteExecutive 2013, which many of you already know as codename, Trinity.

Several months ago, we embarked on an expansive User Interface (UI) project, codenamed Pink Panther. Our objective was to conduct comprehensive user research and learn everything we could about the needs of our SiteExecutive users-- from web managers and designers, to developers and content authors. We also collected in-depth user testing data on our existing UI. Completion of this research enabled a multiphase plan for our new UI. In past software releases, you have seen improvements stemming from these efforts-- from our new content home UI in Structured Content, to new editor, to new light-box dialogs. In this release, we bring you a new and improved user interface for all SiteExecutive users regardless of role, codenamed Mangy Moose. Mangy Moose is just one of the enhancements you will encounter in Trinity.

Trinity introduces a number of novel UI concepts. First, content authors will notice a new Desktop for sites and folders featuring a new action panel with improved groupings for actions that can be performed.

new desktop in SE

Next, we’ve updated the explorer section, which has been streamlined for easier use.

improved site tree

As you continue to interact with the new UI, you will also notice the interactive “bread crumbs” and the new search box, enabled with a content management tool in SiteExecutive at the top.


There are also new icons for each SiteExecutive application. When content authors begin building and managing their web content, they will notice the multi-action features for copy, move, and delete.

There are many changes, all of which our user testing has shown to enable efficiency and allow the user to work smarter. Now content is more readily available to authors and web managers/designers can make changes to a section of the site quickly and efficiently.  Our testing has also confirmed that the learning curve for use of the new UI is significantly less than our prior UI. All this is beneficial for your business.

So, I’ve only touched on the new UI, but there are many more new features in Trinity!  To see ALL of the new enhancements in SE2013, be sure to join us for our webinar next Wednesday. Register now to reserve your spot.