old computer equipment

A common problem I’ve seen with many clients is their reliance on outdated or end of life (EOL) hardware and software. Inevitably during interviews or while conducting an asset survey there will be some critical component identified that has been neglected for a long time.  

Often the justification for utilizing these IT assets that have survived beyond their service lives is the cost to replace them. This logic is flawed and there’s far more to consider than just upfront costs.

Here’s four reasons why you should reconsider if your business is stuck in the past:

1.  Security Threats

EOL assets are no longer supported by their manufacturers. That means that they’re no longer being patched against the latest security threats. Keeping them as active components in your network means that you’re vulnerable to a host of problems. Data breaches often start with your network being scanned for unpatched vulnerabilities. Failing to replace EOL gear is a serious risk to the integrity of your systems and no one wants to be the next Sony.

2.  Support Costs

Maintaining out of date technology can be more expensive when compared with upgrade costs. Not only do you often end up with fragile components that your IT staff are afraid to touch, if you wait too long you’ll find that there’s limited (if any) support for you to lean on when something breaks. Rather than investing their time in enhancing the business, your IT staff will spend their time (and your budget) to keep EOL assets up and running. The costs to keep outdated gear operational are significant and those costs will skyrocket when assets that play a critical role for your business fail.

3.  Lost Productivity

How are your users affected by using EOL assets? If they’re forced to put up with clunky interfaces, slow performance, or substantial downtime, they aren’t maximizing their productivity. On top of that they won’t be able to take advantage of newer features which may not only enhance productivity but substantially improve your business processes. EOL technology will inevitably hold you back.

4.  Image to your Customers

Do you want to buy from the company with the broken down website, ancient phone system, and frustrated staff who can’t efficiently deliver? Guess what, your customers don’t either. Their perception of your business is important and your reliance on out of date solutions doesn’t reflect the image you want them to have of you.

Are you still relying on antiquated technology to run your business? SAI can help you develop a path forward that ensures you aren’t wasting your time and money on solutions that should have been retired years ago. Reach out and let us know that you’re ready to move forward.