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Date: 2015

On April 21st Google launched a search algorithm update that affects the mobile version of Google search results (what you see when you conduct a Google search on your mobile device). The updated algorithm increases the relevance of mobile-optimized websites in search results, and in effect, penalizes websites that it deems not mobile friendly. This change is not a surprise; Google announced it several months ago, but your search rankings will now start to feel the impact....Read More

Documentation. screenshot of network documentation

It’s considered a profanity in every IT department. Yet every technician in every IT shop will agree that documenting IT processes and procedures is essential to managing an effective IT organization.

Process documentation allows IT staff to be more effective by:

  • Increasing the consistency with which you execute repeatable processes

  • Allowing subject matter experts to share operational knowledge with general IT staff

  • Enabling more staff members to complete service changes, thereby increasing operational efficiency

  • Lowering the barrier of entry for folks entering new roles within the organization

  • Mitigating the risks associated with IT service changes

  • ...Read More

If you haven’t seen the first three blog posts in the content makeover series – covering such topics as crafting compelling copy for your audience and displaying that copy in an engaging way – you can review those here (Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3). In this final installment, we will delve into the issue of timeliness and its impact, positive or negative, on your visitors’ web experience. Mind you, the task of keeping a website current has many moving parts, from design to technology and more, each of which could be its own blog series. For our purposes here, we’ll stick to the topic of the content itself....Read More

IT security has become a major concern for most organizations. Previously confined to the server room, high profile breaches and their hugely expensive consequences have catapulted these concerns into the boardroom. No one wants to see their name in headlines alongside Home Depot, Target, and Sony. The average cost of a data breach is estimated at $3.8 million dollars and it keeps climbing....Read More

Information technology is an integral component to modern business. Your e-mail, financial records, customer data, and other critical aspects of your business all depend on the technical knowledge from the IT department. All the hard work, sacrifice, time, and money invested could be wasted if that knowledge is ever lost or unavailable.

For many SMBs, critical technical knowledge often is held by very few people in the IT department or even by a single individual. This may be by design due to security requirements or just a byproduct of your organization’s growth over time. Either way, having a single point of failure for something this critical should keep you awake at night....Read More

  Apr 2015