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Date: 2014

The recent data breach at Sony Pictures has been grabbing headlines for the past few days and drawing lots of attention to cybersecurity in the corporate world. While your company is exceedingly unlikely to be the target of a nation-state directed cyber-attack, you face numerous other threats on a daily basis....Read More

Q: What are the benefits of a one-page scrolling layout?Jessica Hensley

A: The greatest advantage of a one-page layout is that we can guide a user through an experience rather than requiring them to make decisions about where to go next through clicks and hoping they will land where we want them to. A one-page layout allows us to determine what kind of story we want to tell and provide this to a user in the order that we want them to see it. Many users come to a site not knowing exactly where they want to go or what they want to see. ...Read More

Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays from everyone at SAI! At this special time of year, we're especially grateful to you, our clients and partners, who entrust us to do excellent work on your behalf. Thank you, and here's to a happy and productive 2015!


IT equals constant change. The rapid pace of growth and change is often reflected in ad hoc organizational designs. Managers rarely have the time to plan (or reassess) IT org design requirements. Soon you’ve got staff wearing multiple hats that conflict with one another. Internal priorities become unclear as staff headcount grows and reporting chains become murky. New hires are simply thrown into the mix, left to deal with the existing internal politics and unclear boundaries. So things get done, but the execution is no longer world class. Finally, service delivery issues increase and retention degrades, creating the need for a focused org design discussion....Read More

Narcissistic. Pessimistic. Tech-savvy. These are three of the most commonly-used terms to describe the Generation Y target, also known as Millennials. While there is inherent truth in all three, successful web marketers look beyond such generalizations to gain a more nuanced understanding of the target audience that will make up the lion’s share of their recruits....Read More

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