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Date: Sep 2014

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As today’s website visitors get increasingly sophisticated about what they want from a website, it’s important for companies and organizations to deliver the right online experience. So, when embarking on a project to create or redesign your website, make sure you know your audience, how they interact with your site, and what their needs are....Read More

As our digital world continues to expand, with the introduction of countless devices of all form factors, responsive web design is more important than ever. Phones are getting bigger, tablets are getting smaller, and resolutions are ever increasing. The main focus of your website must not be lost: providing clear, easily-accessible content to your users no matter how they view your site. How can we accomplish this? By putting mobile first! ...Read More

In the first installment of our Branding and the Internet series, we established that branding can be defined as the strategic cultivation of a distinct, ownable and motivating brand identity. In the digital age, an important part of almost any brand identity is formed online, so be sure that your website and social media assets present yours in the best possible light. ...Read More

Calling for support can go from being a necessary evil that is dreaded by customers to an experience that enhances your relationship and saves you money, but it’s an evolutionary process that builds off of data.

So what do a lot of IT organizations track when it comes to their service desk?

  • Number of Tickets Opened
  • Number of Tickets Closed
  • ...Read More

Job descriptions are often overlooked in IT departments as a source of headaches. Technical issues may take center stage when you think about IT pain points, but the more mundane aspects of your organization could be seriously hurting you. While you may not pull them out on a daily basis, making sure your job descriptions are accurate can make the difference when you’re trying to provide world class service to customers....Read More

Sep 2014