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Date: Apr 2014

your webinar audience, asleep

Webinars (web-based seminars) continue to be an invaluable tool for organizations worldwide to present a point-of-view or share important information virtually. Over the years at SAI, we’ve developed a number of webinars to educate our clients and prospects on relevant industry topics. And it doesn’t just stop there. Webinars can be used for telling the story of a client case study (which we often do as well), demoing products or even training employees. They can be highly effective, if done right....Read More

The healthcare marketing environment has become significantly more complex over the past few years – communicating to better informed consumers, dealing with healthcare system consolidation and navigating the outcomes-based focus of Affordable Care Act (ACA) – aka “Obamacare” – regulations.

An effective web presence is crucial as a competitive advantage – Americans on average visit a doctor three times per year, but spend over 52 hours searching for health information online (Makovsky). The web is a critical channel for engaging prospective patients in an increasingly competitive environment....Read More

Apr 2014