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Date: Mar 2014

mobile device

It shouldn’t surprise anyone when the authors of Georgia Tech’s 2014 Emerging Cyber Threats Report say that, “the vast majority of employees now bring mobile devices into the workplace and expect to be able to use their smart-phones and tablets to work from anywhere”. The “Bring Your Own Device” phenomenon is also associated with the rapid rise in data being exported outside organizations' traditional security boundaries.

The increasing use of personal devices to perform work related functions and access employer data creates unique challenges for companies and ultimately their IT staff members. I can’t think of a client I’ve worked with in the past 2 years that wasn’t concerned about, if not actively addressing, the implications of BYOD....Read More

It’s likely that your company has an integrated marketing plan that includes print and digital communications. You probably have a website with Google Analytics capturing your traffic. As part of your plan, you might send out monthly email blasts to loyal clients or mail marketing materials to prospective customers. You may have purchased banner advertising on websites that target your primary audiences. Perhaps you place print ads in industry magazines as well. You hope that at least some of your marketing strategy is gaining traction.

Hope is not a strategy.

If you are using Google Analytics to track your website, but not whether print, email, and online marketing efforts are effectively driving traffic to your site, you are missing a key opportunity to measure ROI. (Especially considering that it takes minimal effort and zero budget to get started!)...Read More

In Part 2 of our blog on Identity Management systems, we’ll discuss guidelines and best practices you can use when designing your implementation plan. Incorporating these ideas into your overall project can save you a lot of time and grief in the long run. If you haven’t already selected an Identity Management system or provider, it’s probably worthwhile taking a look at Part 1 of our blog, entitled “Where Do You Stand with Identity Management and Single Sign-on?”

1. Get a good inventory of your systems, services and users.

Before moving forward with implementation, it’s important to take stock of your systems, services and users. As you are creating the list, note how access to each system or service is provided (i.e., by individual, group, department, etc.). Taking the time to do this step now will help you determine which systems are the best candidates to include in a proof of concept and will help you avoid integration surprises down the road. ...Read More

We marketers throw the word brand around a lot – so much so that the term has effectively lost its meaning. To some, a company’s brand is simply its logo, trademark or tagline.  To others, a brand is any one of a set of non-generic products in a particular category. And too often, especially among B2B marketers, brands are synonymous with consumer goods with lots of hype around them....Read More

Mar 2014