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Date: Dec 23, 2014

old computer equipment

A common problem I’ve seen with many clients is their reliance on outdated or end of life (EOL) hardware and software. Inevitably during interviews or while conducting an asset survey there will be some critical component identified that has been neglected for a long time.  

Often the justification for utilizing these IT assets that have survived beyond their service lives is the cost to replace them. This logic is flawed and there’s far more to consider than just upfront costs.

Here’s four reasons why you should reconsider if your business is stuck in the past:...Read More

Too many organizations have made substantial investments in IT only to see those initiatives fail spectacularly despite their potential. Whether it’s a new ERP system, a cutting edge SaaS solution, or just a routine system refresh, your investments will be wasted if your staff doesn’t know how to best utilize the tools provided.

Here’s three things to consider about training:

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Dec 2014