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Date: Jul 2013

In version 2012, we released Structured Content which introduced a new way for our customers to manage content for websites by allowing them to separate content from presentation. This new feature not only benefits content authors, but developers and designers as well. Content strategy has become  more important, allowing organization’s websites to be more content centric. The designers and developers can create complex and highly interactive designs without introducing complexity for the content authors.  In SE2013, we added more features to improve the content strategy capabilities and continue to build highly interactive designs and simplified management of content....Read More

Clients often come to Systems Alliance looking to improve their web presence. Here’s a quick quiz: Which of the following two issues do you think our clients usually want help with?

  1. Website usability and design
  2. Web governance

If you guessed “website usability and design”, you would be right. Our clients are usually very concerned, as they should be, about the navigability, look and feel of their website(s). After all, site design and architecture have a direct impact on the client’s ability to reach and connect with their target audience. For example, I needed to visit 8 pages on a health insurance provider site, only to find that a phone call was required to complete the task I wanted to perform....Read More

Jul 2013