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Date: Jul 2012

The world’s population today is a little over 7 billion. Cisco estimates that by the year 2020, there will be 50 billion network devices on the earth. That’s 7 per person! With mobile technology proliferating at such a quick pace, the issue of mobile security needs to be revisited.

Mobile devices are increasingly being used to access sensitive data and in sensitive work situations. For the last ten years, the FAA has been telling us to “stow all electronic devices when we got on the plane”. IT professionals held this up as a policy that would never change. The FAA announced several months ago that they have begun the testing and certification of mobile devices. They’re here and they’re not going away folks....Read More

We continue to hear from our clients about the continuing shortage in the supply of project managers with the skills and experience needed to manage medium to large scale projects and programs. This is true even in the current environment where unemployment levels are at record highs. To make matters worse for CIOs and other business executives, there is an increasing need for quality PMs as public and private sector organizations are spawning major initiatives at a rapid pace.   The Project Management office (PMO) is a construct that you can use to engage your experienced PMs more broadly and provide on-the-job training for less experienced PMs....Read More

This is the last post in our blog series on Structured Content and we’ll be talking about what content + presentation equals. The answer? A perfectly put together page with no styling or coding required. Content authors can be at ease, knowing that when they create the content, the presentation is already defined for them, allowing them to create fabulous pages with no fuss.

As a content author, I’d like to give you some insight into just how simple the process of using Structured Content can be. So here are 5 reasons why I love Structured Content....Read More

Increasingly colleges and universities are expanding their offerings to include courses, and often entire degree programs that are available to students whenever they have time to participate and wherever they happen to be. As institutions of higher learning expand their presence in the online education or distance learning arena, there is an implicit expectation that courses and related services will be available 24/7/365. This expectation requires these institutions to heighten the level of attention to disaster recovery and business continuity; areas that have frequently been pushed to the rear as funding priorities have been established....Read More

Jul 2012