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Date: Jun 2012

A three part series from Ric Hughes and the CIO Advisory practice at Systems Alliance, Inc.

Post 2: Building the Composite Team

Using a consistent planning and delivery approach from top to bottom in the IT organization creates a shared understanding of priorities and expectations. At SAI, we’re big fans of using a three step process: Define, Align and Measure as a planning model for decision making and delivery at all levels of IT. This is an iterative process so there is a “rinse and repeat” element to this that differs in frequency based on the planning and change cycle of the IT organization....Read More

Usability testing helps you reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve the effectiveness of your website. When I say usability testing, I mean watching people using your website and gauging their success. While activities like surveys and focus groups help you learn about your audience’s opinions, usability testing allows you to see their actual behavior. My favorite part of these sessions is watching participants use a website differently than I expected and learning how the website can better support that behavior.

Usability testing can take many forms. This flexibility ensures that you can find an approach that fits into your design and development process....Read More

A three part series from Ric Hughes and the CIO Advisory practice at Systems Alliance, Inc.

Post 1: Where to Start; Assessing Your Current Team

The most frequent discussion topic that comes up with my clients is the ongoing challenge of recruiting and retaining high performing IT leadership team members. Getting the team to function at an optimal level (at SAI we define this as moving IT to the level of strategic differentiator for the business) is impossible without the right team members and unlikely without significant planning and persistence from the CIO....Read More

In my career as a management consultant, much of my work has involved working with clients to improve the “customer experience”. Over the last couple of decades this has become rather complex given the growing  number of  channels through which organizations communicate with customers, e.g. via retail stores, call centers, mail, third parties, TV, text, email and its website(s). Achieving a satisfactory experience, for various types of transactions, across all of these channels, is difficult and expensive....Read More

case study imageThis post is for all you web developers and designers out there wondering "How can I benefit from using structured content?" Well my friends, it brings all of our dreams that much closer to reality by allowing more creative freedom in visual and architectural design.  Structured content ensures that the design and architecture are followed every time. That's right, there's no chance that a bullet could accidentally be backspaced or a <div> accidentally deleted, throwing the entire presentation off....Read More

Jun 2012