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Date: Oct 2012

Over the last year or so, responsive web design has become the best option for adapting websites to different devices and resolutions. Websites developed using responsive web design techniques adapt their layouts to display the content on the website in a way that makes the most sense for the real estate available on the screen. As responsive web design has become more prevalent, different techniques have evolved for handling how a user navigates through sites....Read More

So you’ve built the business and technology foundation for your Higher Ed IT Transformation program using the outline from our first blog and now you’re ready for the next step. In Phase II, we’ll determine which business and technical “levers” are available to improve results; where changes can be made to achieve the program goals.

This is where the team does some analytical heavy lifting to coax out areas of opportunity. So get ready to:...Read More

We hear regularly from our Higher Ed CIO clients about the accelerating complexity associated with maintaining legacy applications and IT service delivery processes. Doing this while quickly moving in parallel to support on-line learning platforms, an increasingly mobile student population and a rapidly changing application portfolio is an even greater challenge. (Exhausted yet?)  And by the way, all of this needs to be accomplished with a diminished pool of funding. Now more than ever, you need a structured approach to bring order from complexity. We think the Transformation Roadmap approach works well in these circumstances....Read More

Oct 2012