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Date: 2012

At SAI we have a deep focus on creating engaging and effective user interfaces (UIs) for websites and applications. To quote an overused phrase – “we live and breathe this stuff.” But a recent experience reminded me yet again just how critical user experience is to using technology; and how overlooking one guiding principle of effective user interface design – consistency – can have a substantial negative impact....Read More

I spend a good deal of time evaluating client disaster readiness and/or working with clients to develop and implement effective disaster recovery and business continuity plans. My view, in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, is that there are lessons to be learned from firms whose preparations enabled them to weather the storm with little if any ill effect as well as from those who experienced unplanned outages and worse....Read More

With preparations in hand from fanatical observance of our three prior Blogs on this subject, the Higher Ed transformation team is now approaching countdown and launch. In Blogs 1-3, we covered the discovery, analysis, and visioning phases. We will now complete preparations for the Transformation Initiative launch by completing the Program Roadmap.

Crafting a world-class Roadmap involves four key steps which synthesize learnings from the prior work stages:...Read More

Earlier this year the original version of Google Analytics was retired and the new version became standard. The latest version introduced several features to make it easier to interpret your data. One of our favorite additions is the custom dashboard.

A custom dashboard is a way to display summaries of different data sets as widgets on a single page in Google Analytics. You can save time and effort by quickly checking the health of your website by viewing many metrics at once....Read More

Here at Systems Alliance, we often work with clients who have or are about to exhaust their existing data center capacity. Those clients are either planning to accommodate future growth or, in the most extreme cases, have already outgrown existing data center capacity. That capacity can be defined in terms of physical space, power and/or cooling....Read More

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