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Date: Sep 2011

Two weeks ago we marked the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I paused to reflect on that day, particularly significant to me as a native New Yorker who lost former colleagues, and commiserated with family and friends who lived there, a day they and I will never forget.

As someone who works with clients to improve their DR posture and capabilities, I was struck by a TechRepublic article written by Bob Eisenhardt, a member of the Aon insurance IT team -- Aon is a global insurance company that was located in the South tower on 9/11. In the article Eisenhardt recounted his experience from that day in the form of DR lessons learned.

It’s safe to say that after such a tragic event, people have been paying more attention to disaster recovery measures. Yet as recent events make clear, at many enterprises there are still some gaps in readiness....Read More

We are a nation of scanners. When we encounter a new web page our eyes quickly dart through the content looking for keywords and sentences, callouts and subheadings, details that will grab our attention and encourage us to read more.

Research studies have shown this to be true. Jakob Nielsen’s seminal study from 1997 on “How Users Read on the Web,” found that the vast majority of users scan pages for information, and are very unlikely to read pages word for word. In a subsequent Alertbox post from 2008, Neilsen argues that on average, users only read about 20% of the text on a web page....Read More

Sep 2011