Despite years of experience managing projects, IT organizations continue to make common, yet avoidable project management mistakes. To help you keep your projects on track we’ve created a business brief outlining five solutions for common project management mistakes – which we’ve summarized below:

1.       Failure to adopt a formal change management process. Project teams are often very diligent about applying change management to major changes in project requirements, but are often less diligent when it comes to changes that are considered relatively minor.

2.       Settling on a technology solution before requirements are fully understood. Technical teams are sometimes inclined to adopt a technical approach or solution without having an adequate understanding of the problem or requirement being addressed.

3.       Focusing on doing at the expense of communicating. The performance of project tasks, addressing challenges and solving problems, is often undone by a failure to communicate effectively with key project stakeholders.

4.       Failure to implement a disciplined approach to defect management on application development projects.  Applying “fixes” to application code without process discipline is the bane of application development project managers.

5.       Treating the initial project plan as gospel. Sometimes there are gaps in the project team’s understanding of requirements and/or the tasks to be performed when the initial project plan is created. 

By addressing these challenges you’ll improve project delivery, product quality and client satisfaction.

You find practical solutions for these challenges by downloading our Project Management Business Brief here.

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